"Privacy enables freedom and innovation. We shouldn't accept life without any of these basic tenets."

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Pris' mission is to create a world where privacy is always an option on the Internet

The Privacy-Switch is designed for you to determine when you want to share your personal information on the Internet and when you choose not to...



Five of the top ten companies in the world [by Market Cap] sell our privacy for their revenue. We've created a software keyboard that replaces your existing keyboards with the addition of a simple button that allows you to be private when you desire while on the Internet  


Society and Privacy

Pris was created to put forth a new technology and the education of why we, as humanity, need to adopt this new privacy technology.   Our approach is to aggressively advocate to the various stakeholders the absolute necessity of this new tool to the overall benefit

 of our civilization

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The organization Pris was so-named for its French/Latin etymology of "to grasp or take hold." We believe that individuals need to grasp the importance of their privacy and to control, [not hide], their personal information on the Internet